Community at the Core

What started as the American Dream quickly developed into a community centered dream to change an industry while sending the elevator back down.

Community Support is One of SOPRIS' Core Beliefs

SOPRIS is a 100% Hispanic owned minority business headquartered in Chicago’s historic Pullman District. As SOPRIS strives to deliver successful and high-quality results to its customers, SOPRIS also strives to contribute towards building the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) foundation of local communities.

Being headquartered in Chicago’s Pullman District carries a deep personal meaning for SOPRIS. SOPRIS’ CEO and founder emigrated from Valle de Juarez, Jalisco, Mexico to the United States in 1979 and began a new life, a career journey, and pursuit of the American Dream in Chicago’s Southside, Pullman area. As the eldest of eight siblings, he was the first in his family to complete a post elementary school education.

Truly believing to have benefitted from such support, SOPRIS looks forward to becoming a corporate-helping-hand that gives back and contributes to help increase the number of Hispanics and minorities pursuing STEM careers and who aspire to create their own businesses.

A corporate helping-hand does make a big difference!

Community & People First

SOPRIS is a strong believer in a people first community, and proudly works to support and engage our employees to succeed personally and with the organization. 


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